Purnama, Helda. 2016. COMPARATION TOFU NUTRITION BETWEEN THE SOYBEAN (Glycine max) AND JACK SEEDS (Artocarpus Champeden Spreng). (Thesis). Palangka Raya: Publicated on IAIN Palangka Raya’s Thesis


Fruit seeds is an endemic plant to Kalimantan. One of the benefits is its seeds can be made into tofu. The researchers interests to research about comparison tofu nutrition between the soybean (Glycine max) and jack seeds (Artocarpus champeden Spreng). This research aims (1) to campare the levels of the nutrients tofu jack seed and tofu soybeans, and (2) to determine the test results organoleptic out of jack seeds.

This study on comparative nutrition of soybeans and tofu with jack seeds, using a descriptive study. Sampling techniques using “Purposive Random Sampling”, is smpling technique based on specific criteria that expected in the study. Research conducted at the Laboratory of Food and Drug Administration in Palangka Raya.

Regarding the results of nutritional content knowing looks protein levels (7.8 mg / 100 gr) and fat (4.3 mg / 100 gr) in tofu soybeans is higher than the levels of protein (2.63 mg / 100 g) and fats (0.22 mg / 100 gr) reviewed tofu jack seed. Carbohydrate levels (7.77 mg / 100 gr) and ash (9.83 mg / 100 gr) in jackfruit seeds out higher than carbohydrate levels (2.3 mg / 100 gr) and ash (0.7 mg /100 gr) in tofu soybeans. Water content contained in both know it’s very obvious difference, the higher the water content in tofu soya 84.9 mg / 100 gr, while the jackseeds 47.87 mg /100 gr.

 Organoleptic test results showed that the average lovers who like to know this number is 2.6 while soy beans Cempedak know just 1.44. As for aroma know jack seeds have an average value of 1.56 while the aroma to know the average soybean 2.44, to the texture of the soybean know that love has an average value of 2.52 while the jack out seeds have an average rating of 1.6.

Keywords: Tofu, Jack Seeds, Comparing Nutrition.

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